Britain’s most notorious landlord serves eviction notices on all his tenants

Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2020



Britain’s most controversial landlord Fergus Wilson has confirmed that he’s serving Section 21 notices on all his remaining tenants as he prepared to retire and cash in the rest of his £180 million portfolio.

Wilson’s comments came during a public run-in with Callum Oakley and Emma Plaskett , who have said that Wilson is evicting them because they complained about problems with their property after moving in nine months ago.

This includes a heated email exchange between Oakley and Wilson over a faulty oven, leaky taps and a failed garage door.

But following their complaints to Wilson, the landlord has now served an eviction notice on the couple, who already have one child and another on the way.

Oakley told local media that Wilson has put them in an impossible situation, giving them little time to find a place to live.

“Because of coronavirus at the moment, there are no houses on the market, so we are both very concerned, we don’t really want to be stuck in a room with two kids,” he said. “I feel like we’ve been let down in almost every sense.”


But Wilson has replied to the criticism, questioning Oakley’s intelligence, claiming the garage was fixed within half an hour and saying: “I am not sure how you expect me to know his wife was expecting a baby. Mr Oakley has made no mention of a baby.”

“He has been served a S21, as all my tenants have, because I am 72 years old tomorrow and I am retiring.